Welcome to my blog, the story of my continuing journey into the World of Zombie Wargames.

DVD & Film Reviews

Zombie films I believe tend to be low budget Indie films with a few notable exceptions; I compare them to each other, not to films outside the genre.
Here are my film/DVD review scores:
5/5 This is a MUST see, it just doesn’t get any better.
4/5 An excellent watch, see this if you can.
3/5 An enjoyable enough watch this, but don’t expect too much.
2/5 Poor and flawed but may have some redeeming feature.
1/5 No redeeming features whatsoever, avoid it like the Zombie Plague.

"Battle of the Damned "  - (2013) Dolph Lungren, Killer robots (with a sense of humour) and zombies  - what's not to like ? Well, all of the former, but even so it was another pop-corn film with better production values than normal (which helps) and an easy way to wile away time. Score: 3/5

"Against the Dark"  - (2009) A disappointing film (even by Steven Seagal standards) that could easily have been so much better. Another film that features fast zombies (that I dislike) but as zombies films go still watchable.   Score: 3/5

"House of the Dead"  - (2003)  Teens at a rave on a desert island - you get the picture. What was interesting about this was that it was based on the Sega first person shooter of the same name and it showed ! Fast zombies mixed with magic that didn't appeal greatly.  Score: 2/5

"Kill Zombie"  - (2012) This filled me with dread, but I was very pleasantly surprised how much I enjoyed it.  An outbreak restricted to Amsterdam with subtitles (that didn't distract from the action) with some comical and gore moments.  Score: 4/5

"Dawn of the Dead"  - (2004)  The remake of the Romero 1978 film, still set in a mall. This is a much better production than the first but full of stereotype characters, not as good as the first imo, but not too bad.  Score: 3/5

"Before Dawn"  - (2012) "An estranged couple's vacation to save their troubled relationship goes awry when they find themselves under attack from the walking dead", so the blurb goes, but it was a boringly slow film that I didn't enjoy at all. I couldn't find anything redeeming about it.  Score: 1/5

"Carriers"  - (2009) Not actually a zombie film but it is a very good post apocalyptic tale of survivors fleeing a lethal pandemic virus, well worth seeing  Score: 4/5

"Dance of the Dead" - (2008) “Comic High School Terror”, didn’t actually fill me with anticipation, but turned out to be an excellent film  Score: 4/5

"Zombie King aka Zombie Beach Party" - (2003) An “Outlandish gore-filled zombie smackdown! ” was the accompanying narrative for this, unfortunately it was none of those.  Score: 1/5

"Zombie Diaries" - (2006). “In the early part of the 21st Century, an unknown virus began spreading among the populace.  Within weeks it had engulfed the entire planet...”, so read the pre-amble, but it unfortunately turned out a stale and boring  trek through many clich├ęd scenes. A poor British effort overall.  Score: 2/5

"Zombie Diaries 2" - (2011) aka "World of the Dead: The Zombie Diaries". This film follows on from Zombie Diaries and still had the feel of a pseudo-documentary from the various characters POVs and is a far better effort than the first in this respect. All told it’s a much better film than the first, but not one I’ll be rushing to view again. Score: 3/5

"Autumn" - (2009) A film with David Carradine in can’t be that bad - right ?  Wrong! A truly dreadful film even be poor zombie film standards.  There is little if anything to recommend it. Score: 1/5

"Eaters" - (2011)  An Italian film with subtitles, but none the worse for that. Whilst it won’t win any prizes it is nevertheless a fairly enjoyable romp (but possibly for all the wrong reasons). It is difficult to know whether its self-contained story is meant to be tongue in cheek or not. The two main characters are believable enough whilst the rest are great stereotypes. Score: 3/5

"Remains" - (2011)    Initially It had all the makings of a really good zombie film but that tailed off disappointingly quickly. Some good effects though and whilst not on must see list, it is a cut of the rest of the “B” zombie films. Score: 4/5 for the first half and 3/5 for the second !

"Zombie Flesh Eaters" - (1979)  The film starts off well enough but soon went the way of most zombie films went – downhill fast. The mix of zombies (infected and long dead corpses rising from their graves)  This is truly another dreadful film even by poor zombie film standards.   Score: 1/5

"Resident Evil - Extinction" - (2008). An obvious big budget film and enjoyable enough, although I think that if I knew more of the Resident Evil story, I'd have enjoyed it more.  Score 3/5.

"Pontypool" - (2008) . An interesting film set in a radio station throughout. The premise of the cause of the zombie outbreak has little credibility, but if that is ignored, the overall film is not that bad. 
Score: 3/5

"Zombie Women of Satan" - (2009) Aaaaaaarrrrrrrgggggghhh!!! Cited as a British Zombie Comedy, - don't make me laugh (it didn't). Possibly made from an original idea of two mates down the pub over a pint (or several) as an excuse to have naked women running around.  Score: 1/5 

"Days of Darkness" - (2007) A comet, some parasites and a group of disfunctional survivors that have to deal with the zombie creations. A low budget zombie film with little to recommend it. Score: 2/5 

"Stag Night of the Dead" - (2010) – Unfortunately not the “Boisterous bloody romp." it promised, despite the "PVC-clad stripper" and the "living dead enemies.”but yet another disappointing low-budget zombie film with little to recommend it.  Score: 2/5  

"Zombies: Wicked Little Things" - (2006) Not really a zombie film per se, more a horror film with incidental zombie -like baddies, not too bad, but not a zombie film for the purest.  Score: 3/5 

"Dead Heist" - (2007) – Centred around a bank robbery in a small town, where the robbers are trapped by vampiric zombies; hip-hop variant on the tried and tested theme but not as bad as it sounds Score 3/5.

"Last Rites" - (2006) – Two LA gangs, a drug deal in a warehouse with police watching; throw in a meteor with “otherworldly spores” and you have the setting for zombie mayhem. Score 3/5

"Wasting Away" - (2007) - A comedy take on the zombie genre, from the zombie viewpoint. The film has an innovative and interesting of relating the story. It may not be to everyone’s taste, but I enjoyed it and I put it above the run-of-the-mill low budget fare. Score 4/5

"Zombie Diaries" - (2006) – I enjoyed watching this for all of its many flaws, but I think I was biased in my original opinion as its set in England – One of the few zombie films I will have to watch again (for all the wrong reasons) – Score 3/5

"DeathWatch" - (2002) – Advertised as “Zombies in the trenches of WW I” - it was anything but, more a horror film than a zombie one. I was disappointed, not that the film was bad, but I don’t particularly like horror films. Score: 2/5 (as a zombie film)  

"The Crazies" - (2010) Not strictly speaking a zombie film but a good take on the zombie genre, good acting was a bonus to the varied scenes. Score: 5/5

"Grave Mistake" - (2008)  It was a grave mistake on my part watching this. Not a low budget film, more like a no-budget film. Score: 1/5

"Evilution" - (2008) – Zombies moving like ninjas on drugs, not bad as zombie fare goes, but not a classic either. Score: 3/5

"The Evil Dead" - (1981) – “Five friends travel to a cabin in the woods, where they unknowingly release flesh-possessing demons" Very poor, low budget, dated and it shows. Score: 2/5

“Colin” - (2008). British zombie horror from the Zombie’s viewpoint which I found interesting; not essential viewing, but not cringe-worthy either.  Score: 3/5

“Night of the Living Dead”Romero (1968).  The original that started it all, if you don’t watch any other Zombie film, you must watch this one.   Score: 4/5

“Dawn of the Dead”Romero (1978).  The follow up to “Night”, set in the ubiquitous mall, a comment on US consumerism.   Score: 4/5

“Land of the Dead”Romero (2005).  City under siege by Zombies, with some amusing touches.   Score: 3/5

“Zombieland“ –  (2008). Great Zombie road/buddy movie, a must see.  Score: 5/5

“The Walking Dead”, - (2011), TV Series 1. Big budget series, following a group of survivors.
 Score: 5/5 

“The Walking Dead”, - (2011-2012),  TV Series 2. Further adventures of the survivors.  Score: 5/5 

“28 Days Later”(2002). Enjoyable British Zombie romp. Score : 4/5

 “28 Weeks Later” - (2007). Set six months after the rage virus was introduced.   Score: 4/5

“The Terror Experiment  – (2010).  Escape from the infested building before it explodes ! Score: 3/5

“The Rage” - (2007), Crazy Scientist, creates rage virus yadda, yadda, yadda. Score: 2/5

“Dead and Deader” -  (2006).  Soldier bitten by diseased bug but survives full zombieism, his comrades aren’t so lucky…   Score: 3/5

“Shaun of the Dead”(2004). Very English take on the Zombie apocalypse. You either like Simon Pegg (the Star) or you don’t, I don’t, but it’s still one of the better Zombie films around. Score: 4/5

“Day of the Dead”  - Romero (1985) Romero’s third film in his “trilogy” and thoroughly enjoyanle for the special effects. Score: 5/5

“Day of the Dead” - (2008). Not to be confused with  the above, this is altogether a different film and not nearly as good, sprinting zombies are not to my taste at all but it is watchable. Score: 3/5

"City of the Living Dead" - (1980): Very dated and it shows, storyline very disjoint and acting wooden: Score 2/5

Still on the “To view” list:

Undead or Alive  - (2007) Zombies in the wild west with old Indian curses – doesn’t really bode well.  Score: x/5

Kill Zombie  - (2012) “Comic Splatterfest” is another one that fills me with dread, the words Comic and Splatterfest really shouldn’t be used with Zombies imo.  Score: x/5